Fertility Love

Fall in love with your body, heart, mind and soul to vibrant Fertility and let’s create your big beautiful family!

Meet Ina

I am owner, fertility support specialist and Birth Doula, who easily and readily gives from her heart, and will support your vibrant wellness in body, heart, mind, and soul!

 I am most happy to be in nature, laughing and dancing with my family wild lings and friends. I thrive to live in alignment with the seasons of nature and to move with ease in yoga and dance.

 As long as I can remember, I have been crazy in love for the feminine, the inner wisdom and the power to make miracles happen!

 I am a happy and proud mama to 3 wild lings, Noah, Elouise and Liam, and grateful to be married to my true soulmate, Travis. This alone once seemed unattainable and impossible, yet miracles do come true.

 I am also an owner of successful Eco-Mom Organic Daycare and co-owner of Helina Baby, eco-consciously crafted best baby carrier for newborns.

It all started when…

As I dreamed of growing my Big Beautiful Family, I re-learned to celebrate my periods, to honour my feminine needs, and how to empower my body’s innate healing through mindfulness and yoga.

I have risen and fallen through healing my childhood trauma and sexual abuse. And yet I have chosen to love and thrive in my journey of conception, birth, miscarriage and postpartum wellness. This is what truly has  fueled my curiosity, research and love for holistic modalities on fertility and empowering women’s reproductive health.

Since becoming a mother, myself, I have taken the leap to follow my life-long passion and dream in becoming a fertility specialist and birth doula.

In my work I support parents to empower their inner vitality and strength, while I nourish their bodies, hearts, and mind in creating their big beautiful family and loving birth experiences.

I spent hours studying the feminine in college and university through health policy, international development, anthropology, and birth work, and still, love it and continue to do so! I have applied my knowledge by supporting my friends and clients on their fertility journeys and guided them on making decisions about their obstacles to conceiving a baby for the past 3 years. My volunteer work at the women’s centre and collaboration with holistic health practitioners for over 10 years make my heart sing in helping to grow a strong and rich community.