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Love your body, heart, mind, and soul to vibrant health to conceive a healthy baby and grow your family.


My promise to you is to support, to guide and to empower you through the challenges of conceiving a baby. My services are a helpful supplement to consultations with doctors and other health practitioners, to create Love in your Fertility Journey and to grow your big beautiful family!

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Birth is a memorable time of big beginnings. It is a deep and true trust in the birthing person, the body, the physiology and the process itself. In birth work my aim is to consider the broader picture of pregnancy and birthing experience, with a desire to bring the whole body, mind, heart and soul into harmony.

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Attached at the Heart

Co-creating a VIBRANT and FLOURISHING relationship with your little ones!
Cannot wait to share all the juicy, mind-blowing brain science to empower your parenting journey!


Dealing with fertility issues can be stressful on body, mind and heart.
Yoga catered to your lunar cycles or along your ART treatments is effective and gentle way to bring peace and harmony to this journey.

Meet Ina

Ina is owner and Fertility Love Specialist and Birth Doula, who easily and readily gives from her heart, and support your wellness in body, heart, mind, and soul!